around the block

around the block

I am fortunate to have a lovely supply of very old, western red cedar at my disposal to play with. So along with my wanderlust series of photographic images I have taken in my travels & transferred onto wooden blocks, I have decided to use this wood to showcase my mixed-media images.

around the blockaround the block

around the block

Some blocks have the live edge on them, others do not & instead all the sides are painted. They are wonderfully heavy; they can be put on a book shelf or stand beside a lamp on a end table. And of course they can easily be hung up on a wall.

with gratitude…nadya


paris house

paris house

My latest Joggles Design Team project can be seen in its entirety on the Joggles blog. I really enjoyed creating this wooden house with a photo I took in Paris. It was one of several shots I had taken atop the Arc d’Triomphe. I had walked the perimeter of the arch taking photos that I hope to piece together one day. These views were some of my favourite photos & memories of our 10 day stay in Paris back in 2010.

parishousebackparis house

with gratitude…nadya

Floral patterns

bookhou orchid

NEA_1283 NEA_1280

It has taken me forever (2 months) to find the perfect plant for my linen storage container from bookhou — one of my favourite OOAK artisans. Now the trick is keeping this orchid alive… (suggestions are welcomed!)

A chance to wander in the garden with my camera. Luckily I was able to do so before the bugs made their first appearance of the season.

NEA_1308 NEA_1306 NEA_1298NEA_1300

Enjoying the burst of colour springtime has brought us. Enjoy your weekend!

with gratitude…nadya




Home, Sweet Home

Happy New Year to every body out there!

Our family decided to not be home this Christmas, and the Edwards Xmas Road Trip was created. We left home December 22 and headed south. We spent several days in Nashville & New Orleans, then headed for the Florida Keys. Arrived in Key West on December 29, where we met up with our best friends with whom we had rented a beautiful house right in the heart of downtown. Parked our vehicles and there they sat for almost a week. We wandered, ate & drank really well, napped and in general, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just click the images below to enlarge.

Holly edwards Yazoo

We live to travel. Miss-Know-It-All has determined that she needs to have a successful profession so that she can afford her travel addiction. Road trips are in our blood. Although a now well-seasoned air traveller, Mr. CFO grew up taking all family vacations via wheels. I have memories of coming home from school on a Friday and my parents telling me to pack because we were headed to New York for the weekend. I cut my teeth on road maps, learning to read them as my uncle, grandmother and I headed to New Orleans, even though I had just come back from there with my parents!

The French Quarter is one of my favourite places in the world. From the beautiful architecture to the sumptuous food, the music, the art, the people — I love it all. There are many places I will go to and never visit again, but the French Quarter is not one of them.

beignets cafe du monde new orleans

Key West was the party place, full of colour, seafood and key lime pie!

Hybiscus crypts Charlie
 Night Life Key West Key West Signs

Alas, it is always great to come home to familiar surroundings. There really is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed. As for the rest of the house, the cat, lizard and fish survived during our absence, but sadly, the same can not be said for the quails.

Joyfully back to some routine, sane eating and the gym!

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