Hope to see you at the Christmas One of a Kind Show!

FullSizeRender-4-2It’s time for the Toronto One of a Kind Show in Toronto! I am at booth Q36. Come say hello and see my latest canvases, prints & cards. I will be at there during the first 5 days, from Thursday, November 26th through to Monday, November 30th.

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Would you like discounted tickets to the OOAK show?! Just click on the link below to save $3 off on-line. Feel free to share this link with your family & friends.


Hope to see you at the show!

with gratitude…nadya

Shows in 2015

15-m22Last week, I was part of Blossom & Bloom in Markham, an outdoor market that showcases Canadian creative businesses, local florists & artists. I was there as part of Artrepreneur, a program sponsored by the York Region Arts Council. I am halfway through the Artrepreneur program & not only am I learning how to equip myself with business skills to help my creative process, but I am meeting, sharing and collaborating with some extraordinary people. I decided to showcase this new mixed-media canvas, my biggest to date, a 15″ by 30″ mermaid — and she sold!

June is always incredibly busy, and this one is no exception. Both my kids are graduating next week -The Juicer is getting ready for high school, and Miss Know-It-All is graduating from high school! When you are young and you hear people talk about time flying, you never believe them, but boy are they right!

I am very happy to  announce that I will once again be an exhibitor during the first 5 days at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this Christmas — yes, I know you don’t want to here that word right now, just place it in your iCalendar and forget about it.

But until then, I will be doing 2 summers shows, a small art show this Sunday in Vaughan, and during the PAN AM Games at Markham GlobalFest in July. I then do a few shows in the fall leading up to my 4th beyondCRAFT SHOW in November. All the details are located under the, “EVENTS & LOCATIONS” section of the website.

with gratitude…nadya

I’m Everywhere!

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be an exhibitor at this year’s One of a Kind Christmas Show! I will be at the show for 6 days, from December 2nd through to the 7th. I am still dazed from the news. I am constantly working to improve my art, learning new techniques, and exploring new mediums, so one of my goals will be to have new creations to debut at this show, along with my mixed-media canvases and cards.

IMG_5950I have also branched out into Cannington and Newmarket. The Ginkgo Tree is a lovely shoppe in Cannington filled with locally handmade goods, ranging from soaps & health aids to local art. The apothecary carries a wide variety of herbal remedies, bulk medicinal herbs and tinctures, and the tea room offers a yummy light menu with many homemade treats to finish off your meal. You can find my mixed-media canvases, cards & jewellery are there.


My favourite grocery store, Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket has a wonderful shop practically located in it called, DayLyn Local & Global Healing. Along with its healing centre, DayLyn supports local artisans, fair trade, handcrafted and environmentally friendly products to assist in the healing journey. I love to wander through this store with its beautiful clothes, jewellery and home decor. All items are handpicked to carry a message of commitment to wellness. I am fortunate enough to have my cards & canvases there as well.



If you are ever in these neighbourhoods, please stop in and take a look around. You’ll be happy that you did!

with gratitude…nadya


I am so fortunate to be surrounded by awesome people! This weekend, while my friend Pete Nema was up at my place photographing my new ink for neither snow, he took some head shots of me. I am very happy. I have decided to use one of them in my One of a Kind Profile. What do you think?


Here is a fox canvas I finished a while back. The quote is from the fabulous movie, Fantastic Mr Fox. Have a great week!

photo - Version 2photo 2 photo-3

with gratitude…nadya

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Painting Owls

I love the web! I especially love taking art courses on-line.  There is something sublime about sitting at the computer in your jammies, in the morning light watching an artist at work. Your hot cup of coffee in one hand, your other hand on the mouse — continually stopping, rewinding, rewatching & learning. This is what I consider bliss.

NEA_0564I fell in love with a painting a few months back and immediately started taking an on-line course with its creator, Juliette Crane. The course, How To Paint An Owl 2 has been such a great investment! It has taught me many new techniques, and it has allowed me to incorporate things I already do into these new creations. I love how their characters evolve with each added layer. Neon paints — something I thought I would never have a use for, have become one of my favourite supplies to accent with. Stayed tuned for more animals…Violet

IMG_7260 IMG_7264


With gratitude..nadya

Toronto One of a Kind Show 2013 – Mermaids by Nadya Edwards

Artist Nadya Edwards Mermaids

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When I decided to bring a mermaid to life on canvas, she was my inspiration.  Lately I have been drawn back to her beauty in terms of colour and magnificent form.  I am looking forward to showing these pieces at the Toronto One of a Kind Show coming up from March 27-31st, 2013!

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People often ask me about the supplies I use. Currently, my top 3 favourite supplies to create mermaid canvases with are: a very limited supply of beautiful Indian paper I found in a discount bin of an art supplies store years ago which I use for her tail; Golden Fluid Acrylic paint in Iridescent Gold for the highlights in her hair, & FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic paint in amazing Waterfall Green.

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Many years ago, Mr CFO and I decided we would get tattoos to mark a significant birthday in our lives. About 5 minutes after it was decided, he deposited a piece of paper in front of me with his tattoo image. “Something like that,” he said. Done. It was meaningful, symbolic and totally him. Of course it was. This sent me into an instant tizzy.  My year long quest commenced, trying to figure out what my tattoo was going to be of. Who was I, what did I stand for, what did I want to imbed in ink into my skin forever?! It ranked up there with choosing my china pattern, when we were newly engaged babies eating off mismatched dishes at university and suddenly having to pick expensive dishes that symbolized our future lives together. Looking back on my journey, it did turn out to be pretty profound, but I’ll save that story for another day.

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The image that I ultimately chose was a mermaid. I have always loved the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the water. Jaws remains one of my favourite movies; it simultaneously terrified & intrigued me. I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau’s right-hand man. Alas, I chose to keep my adventures on land in Ontario, and sadly with no ocean, my inner marine biologist was put on permanent hold. Instead, I learned to scuba dive and decided to marvel at aquatic life as a temporary visitor.

The mermaid is said to, “represent a woman who is at ease in the great waters of life”. I see her as strong & independent, feminine & playful, all qualities I admire and want to emulate. She is loving, adventurous, kind & daring. She is also said to symbolize our connection with our deepest instinctive feelings, feelings that lie below the surface of our outward personality. So with that in mind, I set out to find my mermaid. In the end, I created her with pencil and paper on a road-trip from Florida homeward bound. I handed my sketch over to a local tattoo artist and he brought her to life. She has been guarding my back for the last 6 years, helping me to live authentically and embrace my creativity.

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How do you connect with mermaids? I’d love your feedback! Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site. And don’t forget to come see me in by booth at the OOAK!