No more pencils, no more books…

altered canvas bookLast week I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Cambridge with the very talented  Anna Dabrowska. She is a mixed-media artist, designer & teacher from Poland, and Karen Ellis, owner of The Art House was fortunate enough to host this 5 hour class, where we created mixed-media journals, learning Anna’s collage style of using rich layers & details. The time flew as I gessoed, painted with my fingers and learned new uses for masking tape and tea bags!


Since I am not the apron-type, and we were asked to brinIMG_2434g them, I dug deep and found my university lab coat. Speaking of school, I have to admit I love learning. Sign me up for a class every week and I’d be there (if money grew on trees — which incidentally it doesn’t in Canada anymore). Sometimes you learn new things, sometimes you realize the way you are going about it is good too. I love walking down the business and school supplies aisles — don’t even get me started on back to school sales.

Here is my latest business card — made using Avery shipping tags:

IMG_2489I have a hard time sticking to one business card. As I evolve, I try to incorporate new products & techniques that I am using into my business cards. It is cost effective and people seem to love them. So here is a little tutorial on how I create them:

STEP 1: I make them in batches using AVERY 13035 Shipping Tags size 5. The cards are placed on a Ranger non-stick Craft Sheet. IMG_2465




STEP 2: I use Ranger Adirondack Colour Wash dyes. All the colours coordinate, so you can’t mess up — they blend beautifully.






STEP 3: Spray 2 squirts of 3 sprays onto the craft sheet.






STEP 4: Smoosh the tag across the colours, checking the tag as you go until it is full of colour.Then either air dry or use a heating tool (I use the Ranger Heat It Craft Tool) to quickly dry the tags.


STEP 5: I choose a stencil then along with Ranger Distress Stain in Picket Fence, I stencil on the tag.


STEP 6: To use up the stain on the stencil, I  flip the stencil over and press it onto another tag to transfer the residual stain. Dry.


STEP 7: Choose a stamp, ink it & stamp on image on tag.






STEP 8: Place pertinent information on the flip side. I used AVERY 18663 Clear Mailing Labels. Tie on raffia or ribbon to finish.






Thanks for checking in!

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My Little Dancer

Don’t you love it when you come across something that really speaks to you? For many of us we find that on the web with Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

I am passionate about many a thing, and one of those is music. Couldn’t live without it and I love following my favourite bands. I have just found a new band to crank in the car, and as I was listening to them, I thought — hey they remind me so much of another band that I miss because they haven’t been on the scene in awhile… And wouldn’t you know as I was furiously youtubing them, I found a connection between those very 2 bands — the lead singer of one had collaborated with the other band. And that got me to thinking…

It’s funny how I find that completely fine with music, but with my art I have a harder time. Sometimes we feel that what we have to offer up to the world may not be unique enough, but you know, everything has been done, we all just find different ways to channel what inspires us.  We all bring something uniquely different to the table that transforms what we do into being ours.

Dancer by Edgar Degas, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

I fell in love with Degas this past March when I was fortunate enough to catch the exhibit, “Degas and the Nude”. The bronze statue Petite Danseuse de quatorze ans inspired me to create the following canvas:

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