I’m Everywhere!

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be an exhibitor at this year’s One of a Kind Christmas Show! I will be at the show for 6 days, from December 2nd through to the 7th. I am still dazed from the news. I am constantly working to improve my art, learning new techniques, and exploring new mediums, so one of my goals will be to have new creations to debut at this show, along with my mixed-media canvases and cards.

IMG_5950I have also branched out into Cannington and Newmarket. The Ginkgo Tree is a lovely shoppe in Cannington filled with locally handmade goods, ranging from soaps & health aids to local art. The apothecary carries a wide variety of herbal remedies, bulk medicinal herbs and tinctures, and the tea room offers a yummy light menu with many homemade treats to finish off your meal. You can find my mixed-media canvases, cards & jewellery are there.


My favourite grocery store, Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket has a wonderful shop practically located in it called, DayLyn Local & Global Healing. Along with its healing centre, DayLyn supports local artisans, fair trade, handcrafted and environmentally friendly products to assist in the healing journey. I love to wander through this store with its beautiful clothes, jewellery and home decor. All items are handpicked to carry a message of commitment to wellness. I am fortunate enough to have my cards & canvases there as well.



If you are ever in these neighbourhoods, please stop in and take a look around. You’ll be happy that you did!

with gratitude…nadya

My tattoo story

I am honoured that NEITHER SNOW published my photos & story about my recent tattoo. If you have a story to share, please do.


Every once in a while I’ll be asked to calligraph song lyrics for tattoo clients. Nadya’s story, and the choice behind this song, is so moving.  There have been times my yoga teacher has played “To Build a Home” during savasana. And so the image of both me and Nadya, separated by thousands of miles, lying on the floor and listening to the same song (through speakers or in our heads) and processing it through our difference life experience made it all the more special.

Close introspection usually comes when one choses a tattoo, something permanent that will resonate with you all your days. When I first heard the song, To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra, it came drifting into my head as I was laying on the floor in Savasana at a yoga studio. I was moved by this beautifully haunting song and as it lingered in my head for days afterward, I realized I needed a closer listen.

My husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and we were in the depths of hell. As our family learned to cope with this new world, the phrase from this song –“I built a home for you, for me” spoke to me. They seemed to be the words that represented me and my position in our lives. Our home was our cocoon away from the world — and I provided the comfort & stability we needed to weather the storm. In our home lived hope and strength, positivity, love and most importantly, laughter.

In the midst of treatment I would drive and listen to this song with the volume cranked. On the overwhelming days when the hurt was new and raw I would cry, but as time passed, tears turned to reflection and with it a kind of peace. It is a wonderfully poetic view of life. The very fact that we truly did build our home was a just a wonderful coincidence.

Life is not fair, it just is. Things happen and how we react and cope with the events that shape our lives are what make us who we are. Of this I am constantly reminded, when I look down at this beautifully scripted affirmation on my arm. Thank you Patrick Watson for writing these powerful words, and thank you Mara for working with me to transform them into something uniquely me.

Thanks to Nadya for sharing her story, to tattoo artist Jamie “Grazzhopper” Lindsey (Toronto), and to photographer Pete Nema.

with gratitude…nadya


Floral patterns

bookhou orchid

NEA_1283 NEA_1280

It has taken me forever (2 months) to find the perfect plant for my linen storage container from bookhou — one of my favourite OOAK artisans. Now the trick is keeping this orchid alive… (suggestions are welcomed!)

A chance to wander in the garden with my camera. Luckily I was able to do so before the bugs made their first appearance of the season.

NEA_1308 NEA_1306 NEA_1298NEA_1300

Enjoying the burst of colour springtime has brought us. Enjoy your weekend!

with gratitude…nadya




A Great Big THANK-YOU!

IMG_7787-2First off — a great, big THANK-YOU to all the folks that stopped by P22 at the Spring One Of A Kind Show this past week. It was my second time at the show, but my first actual booth. It was so nice to have more space to showcase my art.

Life loves to throw curves at us, and leading up to this show, our days were filled with extreme highs & lows, & as I raced along I really wondered how much more I could possibly handle. So receiving the kind compliments & words of encouragement that I did during those 5 days really filled me with gratitude & reaffirmed for me that my art touches many fellow souls. I met some incredible people & had such wonderful conversations with them about how the images & sayings related to their lives. I feel that my canvases & cards have all found good homes.

NEA_1016Now that I am an exhibitor at the show, I no longer get to leisurely stroll the long aisles, but I did manage to get some shopping in. Above are a few of purchases, all adding to collections we have already started with these wonderful artisans. The spiky fellow is by Creations Li, the Rebeer glass from Artech Glassblowing Studios, & the awesome grinder is from Arbol.

My next outing is with  Pointer Scrapbooking at Scrapfest In Kitchener April 11-12, where I will be doing mixed-media make ‘n takes at their booth. After that I will be teaching a mixed-media class in Markham at the Pointer Scrapbooking store on Wed April 16th from 5-8pm. Contact the store to confirm your spot!

I look forward to virtually reconnecting with many of you to continue our conversations, and getting to know a little better my new friends.

with gratitude..nadya

Simplicity Malas


Rudraksha beads & turquoise convertible necklace/bracelet.

Happy New Year Everyone! The last few months have been full of challenges, and I am repeatedly reminded of the dichotomy of the human spirit. We never really know what we are capable of until we are forcibly confronted with a situation that makes us battle with a strength we never knew we had, yet at the same time we are constantly reminded of how fragile we are. We can be stronger than we ever imagined yet we can teeter on the edge of the rabbit hole, hoping not to fall in, but fearing that we might.


108 rudraksha bead necklace with turquoise pendant

With that in mind, it is interesting that I was approached by Jenn Pike to create mala beads for Simplicity Yoga. I agreed and hurriedly rushed off to figure out what a mala was! Once I realized mala or prayer beads can be regarded as very spiritual, I  immersed myself in this world in an attempt to create jewellery that was as authentic as possible. Along the way, I learned a lot about the stones I like to use in my jewellery making. I usually work from an aesthetic point of view with semi-precious stones — I use what I like the look of, but finding out the potential healing powers of stones like rose quartz, amethyst & turquoise, both physically as well as mentally has been a real eye-opener.

mala necklace (mn1)mala bracelet (mb1)
mala necklace (mn2)

I have enjoyed learning about & making mala bead jewellery, and although I have a few pieces at the yoga studio, for the time being I will only be creating made-to-order items. I get the rudraksha beads (the brown seed or pods) directly from India, so I currently have a limited supply. The necklaces are generally ~ $60 and the bracelets $30. If you are interested, please email me.

My main efforts for the next several months will be getting ready for the One Of A Kind Spring Art Show in Toronto, running from March 26-30th at the Direct Energy Centre. This will be my second year, but the first time in a booth! More space, more canvases, new ideas. Better get back to work!


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Now available in Toronto!



Miss Know-It-All & The Juicer contemplate the lunch menu

I am very excited to announce that my cards are now available in Toronto at The Pink Grapefruit, located at 106 Queen St East near Jarvis. This new cafe specializes in gourmet munchies, coffee and prepared meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner seven days a week. The shop owner, Tatiana, contacted me after finding my cards on-line, thinking they would be a nice addition to her store. The shop is bright with white walls & warm exposed brick, and it’s staff are friendly & helpful. After setting up my wares, the kids & I enjoyed a tasty lunch of peameal on whole grain flat bread, skewered shrimp with rice & steamed bok choy – a haven surrounded by fast food.

with gratitude.. nadya

3 Things I Learned at the Toronto One of a Kind Spring Show

Nadya Edwards - Mixed Media artist

Me & Miss Know-It-All in front of my “booth” – click image to enlarge

I am back!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Toronto One of a Kind Spring Show to support me. I had a fabulous 5 days of meeting awesome people and feeling like I belonged there. The show has truly opened up so many doors for me!

3 Things the BIG SHOW taught me:

1. I can never be too organized.

2. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to deal with it.

3. Don’t underestimate the buying power of people who like my art.


My 9 square foot booth built by Mr CFO was set up in our living room for about a month. We had the cards & canvases displayed on it, and tried to anticipate its workflow. Yet the first day of the show, I was still scrambling around my booth trying to organize myself. “Can you make this with that, or can you do this on a huge canvas?” were questions I was constantly asked and at one point, I felt I was haggling in Mexico. I was so eager to please, I practically offered to do a huge, custom canvas for someone for a cost that barely covered the canvas — without a deposit!

I quickly learned to slow down, enjoy the conversations and really listen to what people were saying. Having said that, I didn’t think “big” enough. My bags for cards were only big enough to hold about 2 cards — people tended to buy more than 2 at a time. Also, when I saw people looking and enquiring about more than one canvas, I always assumed they were trying to decide between one or the other. Imagine my surprise when a couple stacked up 5 and bought them!

The morning of the first day of the show, I woke up and thought, “I  was chosen to exhibit my work at the OOAK show?!”  Even after 2 months it was still sinking in for me. I was so busy getting ready for the show, I had not allowed myself the celebration of the acceptance. Set up the night before had me stressed, a head full of ache and trying to stay well in the midst of sickness in my family. Thank goodness my kindred spirit — Ms Over-Analyzer was there to help me. She set up all the canvases and generally took care of me.

OOAK Toronto

Favourite OOAK purchases over the years – click image to enlarge

This show has been a religious experience for me for the past 2 decades. Beautiful things adorn our home that have been purchased there. The relationships that we have built with artists at that show, the stories, the memories. Now suddenly I am on the other side — I am the artist. The support and feedback I received there last month have meant so much to me. Miss Know-It-All was an amazing asset to me the 2 days she helped out. She was the efficient businessperson & salesperson extrordinaire, allowing me to wander around on the last day, (this time not as much as a shopper, but as an exhibitor, planning my official booth space for next year’s spring show). Yes, I will be back next year, perhaps even sooner (cross your fingers).

OOAK Easter Bunny Entry

click image to enlarge



Check out my Easter Bunny Contest entry at The Toronto OOAK, entitled “Peter Rabbit”. So many came to my booth to tell me how much they liked him, which was so awesome because there were so pretty incredible entries!




Were you there at the show? Share your experience with me – I love getting feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site.

with gratitude,



Toronto One of a Kind Show 2013 – Mermaids by Nadya Edwards

Artist Nadya Edwards Mermaids

click image to enlarge

When I decided to bring a mermaid to life on canvas, she was my inspiration.  Lately I have been drawn back to her beauty in terms of colour and magnificent form.  I am looking forward to showing these pieces at the Toronto One of a Kind Show coming up from March 27-31st, 2013!

click image to enlarge

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People often ask me about the supplies I use. Currently, my top 3 favourite supplies to create mermaid canvases with are: a very limited supply of beautiful Indian paper I found in a discount bin of an art supplies store years ago which I use for her tail; Golden Fluid Acrylic paint in Iridescent Gold for the highlights in her hair, & FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic paint in amazing Waterfall Green.

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

Many years ago, Mr CFO and I decided we would get tattoos to mark a significant birthday in our lives. About 5 minutes after it was decided, he deposited a piece of paper in front of me with his tattoo image. “Something like that,” he said. Done. It was meaningful, symbolic and totally him. Of course it was. This sent me into an instant tizzy.  My year long quest commenced, trying to figure out what my tattoo was going to be of. Who was I, what did I stand for, what did I want to imbed in ink into my skin forever?! It ranked up there with choosing my china pattern, when we were newly engaged babies eating off mismatched dishes at university and suddenly having to pick expensive dishes that symbolized our future lives together. Looking back on my journey, it did turn out to be pretty profound, but I’ll save that story for another day.

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

The image that I ultimately chose was a mermaid. I have always loved the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the water. Jaws remains one of my favourite movies; it simultaneously terrified & intrigued me. I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau’s right-hand man. Alas, I chose to keep my adventures on land in Ontario, and sadly with no ocean, my inner marine biologist was put on permanent hold. Instead, I learned to scuba dive and decided to marvel at aquatic life as a temporary visitor.

The mermaid is said to, “represent a woman who is at ease in the great waters of life”. I see her as strong & independent, feminine & playful, all qualities I admire and want to emulate. She is loving, adventurous, kind & daring. She is also said to symbolize our connection with our deepest instinctive feelings, feelings that lie below the surface of our outward personality. So with that in mind, I set out to find my mermaid. In the end, I created her with pencil and paper on a road-trip from Florida homeward bound. I handed my sketch over to a local tattoo artist and he brought her to life. She has been guarding my back for the last 6 years, helping me to live authentically and embrace my creativity.

click image to enlarge

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How do you connect with mermaids? I’d love your feedback! Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site. And don’t forget to come see me in by booth at the OOAK!